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Heat Wave Visual

Heat Wave Visual XL Vise Z87 Sunglasses

Heat Wave Visual XL Vise Z87 Sunglasses

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Heat Wave Visual XL Vise Z87 Sunglasses

Boasting the same great features as the standard Vise®, The XL version is the first pair of (you guessed it) EXTRA-LARGE Heat Wave frames specifically designed for the ones with larger than average heads.

We took the time-tested design of the Vise® and added an extra 10mm in width and jacked up the ride height to 5mm to provide Godzilla-like, larger than life comfort and coverage.

About The Vise® Z87: features an all TR90 construction and tightly holds form and function together, as the Vise® Z87 meets ANSI Z.87 mass-impact requirements (and Z87+ with add on side-shields) featuring 1.9mm thick lenses to aid in protection against basic impacts and flying debris, which enables the Vise® to transcend just that of a regular pair of sunglasses.

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