Advanced Lens Technologies: Custom Options for Optimal Vision

Discover Our Premium Lens Options, Treatments, and Transition Lenses

TD2 Scratch Resistant Coating: Ultimate Lens Protection

TD2 Coating - Tough, Durable, and 2-Sided - offers exceptional protection against scratches on prescription safety lenses. This technology integrates glass-like silica particles into a polymer matrix, creating a durable base for our Crizal and OptiFog coated safety lenses. Experience unparalleled scratch resistance and consistent protection with our polycarbonate lenses.

AR Coating Essilor Reflective Coatings: Enhancing Your Visual Comfort Daily

Our Essilor Multicoated Antireflective Coatings deliver daily comfort through advanced technologies, offering:

  • Enhanced Transparency for clearer vision.
  • Superior Scratch Resistance for lasting durability.
  • Anti-Static Properties to reduce dust accumulation.
  • Smudge Resistance to keep lenses fingerprint-free.
  • Water Repellence for added lens protection. Essilor’s innovative E-SPF rating certifies comprehensive UV protection, safeguarding your eyes and the skin around them.

Optifog with TD2: The Fusion of Anti-Fog and Scratch Resistance

Optifog Lenses combine an anti-fog coating with scratch resistance for clear vision in all conditions. The hydrophilic top layers are activated by the Optifog Activator Cloth, creating an invisible, uniform layer of water on the lens surface to prevent fogging, ensuring clarity in both heat and humidity.

Transitions VII Lens: Adaptable and Reactive

Transitions VII Lenses, our most responsive adaptive lenses, are fully clear indoors and darken outdoors. Thanks to Chromea7™ photochromic technology, they react swiftly to varying light intensities from direct sunlight to indirect reflections, providing optimal vision in all environments.

Vantage Transitions: Enhanced Outdoor Vision with Polarization

Experience the outdoors like never before with Vantage Transitions lenses. These unique lenses adapt to light changes and polarize as they darken. As outdoor glare levels fluctuate throughout the day, the lenses adjust their polarization, enhancing visual clarity and reducing glare. Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Variable Polarization: Matching outdoor glare for clearer vision.
  • 100% UVA & UVB Ray Protection: Safeguarding your eyes.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for most prescriptions and frames.

Transitions Drivewear® Sun Lenses: Optimized for Driving

Transitions Drivewear® Sun Lenses are engineered for dynamic light conditions while driving. Their NuPolar® polarization effectively cuts glare off roads and car hoods. The photochromic technology adapts the lens color and tint based on light conditions, offering optimal driving vision:

  • Low Light/Overcast: Green/yellow tint for high contrast and minimal glare.
  • Behind the Windshield: Copper tint enhances color recognition and depth perception.
  • Bright Outdoor Light: Dark red-brown tint for comfort in intense light.

Polarized Xperio Lenses: Clarity for Outdoor Activities

Polarized Xperio Lenses combine the best of polarizing and photochromic technologies from Transitions lenses. They enhance visual performance by increasing contrast and reducing glare – perfect for outdoor activities like water sports and driving. Available in Caramel Brown and Ash Gray, these lenses are ideal for those who seek:

  • Enhanced Contrast: Improving visual clarity.
  • Reduced Glare: From sunlight reflected off surfaces.
  • Versatility: Compatible with most prescriptions and frames.